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Welcome To Our Money Forum, Learn to make money Free or referrals exchange
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About admin and forum
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Hi there members,

Well to start off hi to all and thanks for joining this forum, Which I hope to grow in time. I own 2 forums this one and another one which is a personal one of my hobbies. But why did I make this a money and gaming forum why not just a free money forum . Well I been doing a lot of sites online over the years from ptc to revshare and also love gaming and a lot of people do love gaming. So I thought what a great idea to make a forum on how to make money and also let members who are already making money need referrals to exchange refs on this site. 
As I know how hard it can be to get direct referrals which am making few posts in here to help give tips on how to get referrals for your sites you are on. Also be helping members make the most of the great value websites which are online help members even run there own forum or own business either ptc, or own url shorten website and even more to make money as I also own adlinkfly.site which is my own link short money earner site.

So why gaming as well as money , Well like I say everyone loves abit of gaming . Well I do and I know there's a lot of gamer's around so thought id create gaming section for those kind of people. So feel free to post in there as well only gaming topics tho in gaming section please . So am admin and I also have a moderator Luke so if you need anything please let us know . 

Soon as we have even more members we will be doing a lot more for members on here like competitions to free in the spot light where you can have your ads shown across this site.

03-03-2017, 10:52 AM
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